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Satellite digital TV and radio broadcasting

Спутниковое цифровое телерадиовещание

Parameters of the network:

  • Analogue TV ether signal standard - SECAM
  • Satellite TV signal standard - DVB-S
  • Coding - MPEG-2
  • Modulation - QPSK, 3/4
  • The bandwidth for broadcasting of one TV channel - 4,5 МГц

Organizing of TV and radio channels broadcasting via a satellite.

Organizing of TV and radio channels reception at settlements for subsequent delivery of the signal to ether transmitters.

Schedule of the work

Name of the work
Work completion time
Signing the contract for the creation of the Satellite TV and radio broadcasting network
Development and coordination of the project documentation
То + 3 Months.
Delivery of the equipment of the transmitting and receiving stations
То + 3 Months.
Organization of Satellite TV and radio broadcasting
То + 4 Months.
Preparing the permission documents and setting the network into operations
То + 6-8 Months.

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