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General director

Андрей Васильевич Шестаков

Andrey V.Shestakov

    I graduated from Sergo Ordzhenikidze Moscow Aviation Institute.
    I worked at Korolev Rocket and Space Company "Energia" and participated in the development of a number of space vehicles: KRT-30, Mir-2 Space station, communication satellites.
    From 1987 I was engaged in the field of satellite communications.
    The most important work performed at “Energia” was the development of the design of Yamal-100 communications satellite.
    From 1992 - 2004 I worked at OJSC Gascom as Technical director, Chief engineer, Commercial director and first deputy General director.
    My work profile was composed practically of all aspects of satellite communications: system design, development and production of satellites and transponder payloads, the design and implementation of the Corporate communication network of Gasprom, satellite TV broadcasting, international coordination of orbital positions, sales of satellite channel capacity and communications services, the development of regional networks of satellite communications and TV broadcasting.
    From 2004 I work at Telecom-project-5 Ltd.
    Avards: "Honorable radio operator" award, Government of Russian Federation award in the field of science and technology for 2004.

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