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     Sometimes long ago, at the end of the 60-s, one of the most remarkable things in my life happened at my native settlement Mulym’ya which is near Kondin, Tyumen’ region, this was arrival of Television.
     The arrival of TV was actually a revolution – for the world became different, lots of new things appeared in it like: KVN talk show, soccer and hokey matches, New Year “Ogonyek” shows, “Time” daily news and many other programs.
     And near the TV tower a big and mysterious Ground station was built to receive TV from “Molnya -1” satellite, part of “Orbita” system which enabled people to watch TV programs at distant Siberia settlement s.
     Many years have passed since then and now I have became CEO of a company which specializes on the design and implementation of both satellite and ground based communication and TV and radio broadcasting networks.
     Modern satellite TV, undoubtedly, has changed significantly in comparison with that of the 60-s and even the 90-s of the past century.
     New powerful satellites appeared, transmitting huge number of various channels, new standards were introduced and new ground systems were implemented.
     During recent years the satellite TV turned regional: over 30 regions of Russia broadcast their programs via satellites. And in 2005 our company developed its two first in Russia regional satellite TV networks.
     Now we witness advent of a new era in TV: the development of terrestrial digital TV broadcasting. I am firmly convinced that during next 10 years digital TV broadcasting will win the market. The proof is simple: in the 21-rst century for millions of citizens of our country one or two TV programs will be not enough.
     Our company offers today complete solutions for the creation of satellite and ether TV networks – from the project concept design to “turn key” realization.
     It is a great feeling to realize that our job is really needed by people and improves their lives.

Best regards,
General director

Andrey Shestakov

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